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Let me ask you a question...

What's your dream car?
  • A Tesla?
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  • Ferrari?
  • Lamborghini?
Or something else? 

You know, the car you'd LOVE to have, but you'd NEVER buy for yourself...
We Want To GIVE You THAT Car... For FREE!
Let me explain how this works.

As a member of the Click Funnels affiliate program, you are automatically enrolled into our "Dream Car" contest.  Each month, as you signup new members, you will get closer and closer to getting your DREAM CAR!

Let me show you how easy it is to qualify:
  • Step #1 – Get 100 Active Click Funnels Members - As soon as you have 100 active Click Funnels members, you qualify for your DREAM CAR! You can then go lease this car, and then send us proof that you got it…
  • Step #2 – We Send You $500 Per Month Towards Your Lease Payment – As long as you stay above 100 active Click Funnels members, we’ll send you a $500 check to reimburse your payment on your dream car!Ferrari?
  • Step #3 – We’ll Increase It To $1,000 Per Month When You Get To 200 Members! - In any month that you have at least 200 active Click Funnels members, we’ll send you $1000 check to reimburse your payments on your dream car!
Our Goal Is To Give Away 100 Cars In The Next 12 Months...
Will One Of Them Be Yours?
*Active Members Must Be At The $97 Month "Startup" Level Or Above
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Sticky cookies do a few VERY cool things for you:
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Each month we're coming out with cool new front end products that will make sure YOU keep getting paid everyday from the work you're doing today!

Here are a few more of the cool offers you'll be able to promote as a ClickFunnels affiliate:
The ClickFunnels Trial
Funnel Hacking Webinar
Funnel University
Funnel Scripts
3 FREE Funnels!
We Pay Out MILLIONS Of Dollars In Commissions Each Year...
Shouldn't Some Of It Be Yours?
Imagine What It'll Be Like When We Award You YOUR Dream Car!
Video Of Todd Brown Getting The FIRST Dream Car To Kickoff Our Contest!  Congrats Todd!
#1 - Todd Brown
#2 - Mike Filsaime
#3 Stephen Esketzis
#4 Martin Crumlish
#5 Jay Boyer
#6 Mark Thompson
#7 Matt Callen
#8 Bryan Dulaney
#9 Jeff Sherman
#10 John Zakharia
#11 Jason Fladlien
#12 John Lee Dumas
#13 Ben Cummings
#14 Ryan Levesque
#15 Robert Kiyosaki
#16 Vick Strizhuis
#17 Tai Lopez
#18 Josh Rhodes
#19 Justin Verrengia
#20 Dan Henry
#21 Anthony Morrison
#26 Matthew Behdjou
#23 Greg Jacobs
#24 Nikhil Birangal
#25 Louqman Memi
#22 Peng Joon
#27 Brock Hadley
#28 Grant Cardone
#29 Ronnie Nilsson
#30 Mark Ventures
#31 Bobby Jones
#32 Ka Shun Cheung
#33 Michael Giannulis
#34 Greg Jeffries
#35 Nathan McCallister
#36 Julie Christine Stoian
#37 Shui Kwai Lam
#38 Grace Lever
#39 David Mills
#40 Oscar Ortiz
#41 Spencer Mecham
#42 Justin Francisco
#43 Sam Ovens
#44 Alex Hormozi
#45 JR Rivas
#46 Dan Frigo
#47 Tim Felmingham
#48 Alessandro Bentivoglio
#49 Catlin Bettridge
#50 Kevin David
#51 Jet Saini
#52 Franklin Hatchett
#53 Jacob Caris
#54 James Hurst
#55 Rachel Lee
#56 Russell Rabichev
#57 Laury Gonzalez
#58 Florin Mocioi
#59 John Koch
#60 Sebastian Gomez
The Next Car Could Be Yours!!!
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  • Step #3 - Let us know how we can help you win YOUR dream car!!!
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